Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

By Brian Dolan, Progressive Business Development

Life is something which seems to happen to us while we’re not paying attention. One morning we suddenly stop and inspect a stranger staring at us from our reflection in a shop window. He (or she) may well be fat and forty, greying or balding, and trailing the current fashions by a decade or two.

Our pressing engagements keep us moving, but later, a closer examination in the mirror at home confirms our growing suspicions. It really was our own reflection…

Sudden realisation of an unpalatable fact does not confirm that this fact happened suddenly, usually the reverse is true. It happened at glacial speed; a waistline gaining in synchronisation with our jeans wearing out, and a looser style purchased. A comfort level in personal style achieved, and retained for years as if in suspended animation.

I’ve chosen two events, which creep up on us over time, and we may think of friends or colleagues who we feel fit this bill. But let’s examine it in context. All of us go through our daily lives moving fluidly from past, (remembering successes or failures) to future, (hoping or dreaming). But how many of us make a point of spending some time each day in the present, and while we are there, examining our daily routines, habits and customs?

Our current life is a function of our habits, which assist us tremendously in performing routine tasks, but unexamined will trap us in an existence which we never intended.

We all see ourselves in the future as a fit, happy and financially secure person, but our habits may be charting a very different course.

In 400 B.C. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. I believe he may be right, but for reasons he never suspected. The game is on! Pay attention!

Develop a habit of doing more than you are paid for, and before you know it, you’ll be paid for more than you do. Contact Brian Dolan at 071-96 45752 e-mail brian@bdolan.com 087-2374695.

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