Monday, April 16, 2012

SWIBN Goal Setting Workshop with Amanda Scott, Pentacle

Goal setting is a proven way to help achieve success, so why is it that 80% of small business owners say that they don't use goal setting to drive their business forward? We know just how hard it is running your own business. We start with wishful hopes to add, reduce and change but the 'phone is ringing and it's your client on the line. Before you know it, you are back responding, delivering and working hard just to catch up. Well it's not too late, so why not take the time right now to make 2012 the year you went in the direction you wanted. Here's the top 10 things a goal needs to stand the best chance:

1. Be written down

2. Be visible

3. Have a means of measuring progress

4. Have a clearly defined destination

5. Have a target date by which it/they will be achieved

6. Be set without limits

7. Expressed in the present tense

8. Have a tangible reward for achievement

9. Have a defined support infrastructure

10. Most importantly they must be valued/wanted/worth it!

Goals are nothing without a BIG reason why - so we added two more criteria for building your commitment:

1. What strength do you already have that will help you achieve your goal?

2. What will be cost to you/pain of not achieving your goal?And to help you to accomplish your goal, like it or not, accountability is key.Here are some of the promises we made to ourselves at our recent workshop:• Ask a buddy to support you - accountability helps focus the mind!• Open a new discussion on our Linkedin group to post updates• Set aside a time every week to review progress• Read your goals aloud every day ( being visible really helps)• Share thoughts from some of the great writers on the subject - Steven Covey for example and Fiona Harrold/Be your own Life Coach


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